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From Werner Herzog’s “Lessons in Darkness”


Andrei Tarkovsky on the set of The Sacrifice.

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"Clothes are people’s extended skin, wheels extended feet, camera and telescope extended eyes. Our technological creations are extrapolations of the bodies that our genes build. In this way, we can think of technology as our extended body. If technology is an extension of humans, it is not an extension of our genes but our minds.

Technology is the exoskeleton of ideas."

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Felice Fawn

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Ginger Snaps (2000)

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Abandoned house in Iceland. Photo by Javier De La Torre.

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Leif Podhjasky - Transmorphism

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Antonín Hudeček (Czech, 1872-1941), Stream in Sunshine, c.1897.

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Hans Silvester

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Komkrit Thusanapanont


Kristján Freyr Þrastarson

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